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5 Myths about Cancer in Pets

5 Myths about Cancer in Pets

5 Myths about Cancer in Pets   November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and we want to reveal the truth behind common myths about cancer in pets. Learn what really happens when a pet develops cancer and undergoes treatment as we debunk some pet cancer...

Is My Pet at Risk for Diabetes?

Is My Pet at Risk for Diabetes?

Is My Pet at Risk for Diabetes?   November is National Pet Diabetes Month, and with an estimated one in 300 dogs and one in 200 cats developing the disease during their lifetime, it’s important for pet owners to recognize the risk factors and signs.    What...

How to Successfully Medicate Your Pet

How to Successfully Medicate Your Pet

Does medicating your pet turn into a wrestling match resulting in scratches, bites, and frustration? Unfortunately, because of improper techniques, many pets have learned to react defensively and panic at the sight of medication. You can learn how to treat your pet...

Compassionate care for the pets of Brooklyn, NY.

Our compassionate veterinarians and support staff are committed to responsible pet ownership, preventive pet care, and education. We care for your pets as if they were our own. Gentle, knowledgeable, and thorough, our entire staff works together to give you and your pet the best possible experience.

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